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Performance Puppies: Tuesday 5:15 PM

Puppy Prep for Performance

This class is designed for those interested in pursuing dog performance events.  Class will cover foundation work for puppies which includes teaching the importance of play, building connections between the puppy and handler, helping the puppy learn focus and to value connection, and to have relaxation skills for a busy environment.  Activities will include mat work, hand touch, it’s your choice, name game, distractions.  All of these will be applied to real situations; walking, strangers, fear, self-control and focus as the building blocks for a performance pup that will excel in any sport.

The class will be limited to 6 dogs/handlers. This class is the lead up to Puppy Performance that starts on August 4th which will go into greater details and application of these concepts.  Available spots in Puppy Performance will be given to teams who have completed this class.

Performance Puppy

Class is a continuation of Puppy Prep for Performance, building on the basic skills needed for a performance dog.  Foundation work will consist of recalls, crate games, shaping, body awareness, target, self-control, play and relationship building.  These skills are the foundation work needed for agility specifically but can be applied to many other dog sport.  The class will build up to including 2 on 2 off for contacts, Susan Salo jump grids and the relaxation protocol.

Age – 12 weeks (with 2 puppy shots) up to 18 months


Schedule Your Dog for Obedience Classes Today!

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