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Agility Classes

Dear CABTC students,

Returning to classes depends on having a thorough understanding of the Club’s new protocols to help safeguard students and volunteers.

We invite you to participate in classes and will require you to follow these rules to best protect everyone present:

  • MASKS: Masks will be worn over the nose and mouth by everyone at all times while in the building. Please bring your own mask. Should you forget, masks can be purchased on site.
  • SOCIAL DISTANCING: Practice social distancing at all times.  Please avoid congregating to every extent possible.
  • SANITATION: Wash hands frequently and thoroughly. Use hand sanitizers positioned liberally throughout the building. Avoid touching dogs that are not your responsibility. We will clean all commonly touched surfaces regularly.
  • CRATING: You are welcome to bring your own. If using club expens please sanitize with the spray provided at the end of class.
  • RESTROOMS:  As you use please spray the handles and door knobs with the spray sanitizer provided. Restrooms will be cleaned each evening.
  • EQUIPMENT:  Each time you touch any equipment (jumps etc) please have either freshly sanitized hands or a fresh pair of gloves.  EACH time, fresh gloves or fresh sanitized hands.  Instructors will remind.  This will protect everyone!

Please study these rules carefully to make sure you understand the new requirements and are willing to abide by them.

In addition, you will be required to sign a release about Covid-19.

 Debbie S. & CABTC Board

Cleveland All-Breed’s comprehensive agility program is geared toward competitive agility. We offer all levels of classes as well as specialty classes such as Performance Puppy and 2×2 Weaves. Our classes are highly sought after and, as a result, there are limited openings.

Our instructors are some of the top competitors in the area. Many have earned the highest titles available in the various agility organizations and the right to compete at national competitions. Several have the distinction of being ranked in the top 10 agility competitors for their breed. We continue to strive for the highest quality program by offering our instructors continuing education through in-house training and many regularly seek out additional educational opportunities from the top competitors in the country.

Our program is designed to establish a solid agility foundation while focusing on the importance of a positive dog-handler relationship. A screening for basic, off-lead control and sound temperament is required before a dog can enter any level of the program.

The success of our program is evidenced by our students’ many top titles and awards across all venues of this exciting sport.

All agility sessions are six one-hour classes.
In order to expedite class set-up, tear-down and jump height changes, all students are required to assist.


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