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Pattern Games for a Distracting World


Instructors: Suzy P and Catherine F

Pre-requisites: age 6 months of age or older and clicker fluent.  You and your dog will need to have solid (but not perfect) clicker skills so these games are easier and more fun for both of you.

Location: Suite A – Ring 2 (Door 5)

Description: Does your dog forget his/her great training in a new environment…or even a known environment that now has new dogs, people, smells?  Pattern Games can help both of you!  The world can be a very distracting place and we want our dogs to able to both feel and act comfortable.   Discomfort can take the form of shyness, barking, lunging, backing away, sniffing or staring.  Pattern games can help our dogs (and us) gain comfort.  We will be using Pattern Games from Leslie McDevitt, Hannah Branigan and Emma Parsons.  These games only work if you do your homework. ??.  So be prepared to spend some time outside of class on them.  Join Catherine and Suzy for a helpful and fun class.

Equipment: Clicker, lots of treats, your sense of humor

Special Notes: If you have any questions about this class please email Suzy:

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Schedule Your Dog for Obedience Classes Today!

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