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Agility Practice and Play

Join us Sunday Mornings at 8:00 am (pre-registration only) $15 per dog.

Fall 2022/Winter/Spring 2023: Online payment/registration for this class is not available: Please bring payment for class with you, it will be collected by the instructors, you may pay by the week or by the 6 week class.

Scheduled CABTC AP&P sessions will vary from week to week depending on events or trials.

*******Check the CABTC website for open dates********

  • Perfect for CABTC members or current students who cannot commit to a weekly agility class.
  • Max 6 dogs per session.
  • Members or current students can sign up for a specific CABTC AP&P Sunday that is available, first come, first serve.
  • Run a pre-set course, work on an obstacle(s) or toss a frisbee or ball, your choice.
  • You may run a course with or without instructor assistance in a designated time limit.
  • Facilitator/Instructor is Ursula Lehman multiple AKC Master Agility Championship Canine Partners.
  • She can assist New Beginners to Masters..

We hope you can join us!

Email Ursula at  to pre-register

*Pre-register by Thursday night w/ Ursula to limit overbooking.

  • You will receive a confirmation for your spot and specific instructions for the session.
  • Members/students may sign up weekly or two weeks at a time
  • No shows or last minute cancellations are strongly discouraged.
  • Watch for more sessions in the future!
  • Want to try FAST, T2B, or Premier? Watch for updates for class simulations and runs!

Schedule Your Dog for Obedience Classes Today!

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