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Future Stars-Thursday

Pre Req:  FS1 & 2 or equivalent from other organizations or evaluation by instructors.  Must be over 1 year old

Description:    This class is designed to build the basic skills needed for a performance dog.  Foundation work will consist of recalls, crate games, shaping, body awareness, target, self-control, play and relationship building.  These skills are the foundation work needed for agility specifically but can be applied to many other dog sport.  The class will build up to including 2 on 2 off for contacts & Susan Salo jump grids.  Skills progression will allow students to compete in the future.

Equipment needed:   –  martingale or buckle collar, lots of varying value treats

Special notes:  Must have approval to join class. 

No spot is vaialable for this class.


Schedule Your Dog for Obedience Classes Today!

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