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Conformation Handling

Judy Lowther will be out of town on Monday October 24th, and there will be now conformation drop in class!!


Conformation Handling ​​Classes:

We are offering a conformation class on Monday nights starting 01/10/2022 at 8:00pm  This will be an ongoing class which will be taught by AKC judge Judy Lowther.  Fee for the class is $10.00/handler, payable each week.

You will learn:

·         Gaiting

·         Ring patterns

·         Stacking

·         Ring etiquette

·         Baiting

·         Hands-on examination

·         How to make conformation a fun experience

Please Note: Cleveland All Breed classes will not accept any dog that has been disqualified by the AKC for aggression, or any dog that shows aggression toward humans or other dogs.


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