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This page is dedicated to posting of new classes and activities and information that my be of interest to our current students.

CABTC Agility Floor Maps: 2022

Month-Day-Year:Date:Click Below to View Map:
February 2, 20222022/02/02Click Here to Download


CABTC Agility Floor Maps: 2021

Month-Day-Year:Date:Click Below to View Map:
January 18, 20212021/18/01Click Here to Download
January 25, 20212021/25/01Click Here to Download
February 01, 20212021/01/02Click Here to Download
March 01, 20212021/01/03Click Here to Download
March 08, 20212021/08/03Click Here to Download
March 22, 20212021/22/03Click Here to Download
May 17, 20212021/17/05Click Here to Download
September 20, 20212021/20/09Click Here to Download
September 27, 20212021/27/09Click Here to Download
October 4, 20212021/04/10Click Here to Download

Wondering where to you can eat or have a beer with your dog in Cleveland??   Check out this Blog site!

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Why train your dog in Obedience?

Getting Started in Obedience

Link to AKC EBook: Intro to AKC Sports and How to Succeed at them

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Have you ever wondered about tracking? Check out the Buckeye Tracking Clubs Educational articles (most written by our very own Rosemary Janoch!

Training Articles on Buckey Tracking Club


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