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Agility 101

Online payment/registration for this class is not available: Please bring payment for class with you, it will be collected by the instructors, you may pay by the week or by the 6 week class.

To enroll in this class, please contact Janice Bourell-Casey at Janice@holmdenhillhaven.comfor availability of spots in this class.   

Pre req: instructor approval: dogs will be assessed for ability to stay at a distance and come on command, along with being able to stay with handler while walking around a course under mild distractions (does not need to be a heel)

Description: This is a beginner class. Cover the agility foundation skills essential to successfully navigating an agility course. Multiple dogs will be working on the floor at the same time in stations.

Equipment needed: Collar & Leash and lots of good training treats.

Instructors: Janice B-C. /John Y.

Special notes: 


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Classes: Obedience Agility Confirmation Specialty
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