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Fit Dog Level 1


LOCATION:           Suite A – PUPPY ROOM DOOR 4

DESCRIPTION:       This is a lure based positive training canine conditioning course that build core strength, flexibility, coordination, and cardio health. This class will benefit all canine sizes, disciplines and life stages with the emphasis on proper body form.

Skills learned:  Nose Touch, Tuck Sit, Front Paw Targeting, Shake Paw , Cookie Stretches, Kick Back Stand, Spin Left / Right, Fold Back Down, Cavaletti Poles.  Rear foot pivots, Fold back down / Stand.  Worked on the flat and on the platforms.  Increased difficulty on balance pads.  There will be an evaluation of all skills learned on week 6. Upon successful completion of the evaluation, your dog will earn the AKC FIT Dog Level 1 Certificate.

EQUIPMENT: Buckle or martingale collar.   6 foot leash.  Plenty of high value soft treats

SPECIAL NOTES: This is a 6 week class. This is not a rehabilitation class. All dogs must be healthy.

No spot is vaialable for this class.


Schedule Your Dog for Obedience Classes Today!

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