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AKC Agility Course Test

Saturday, November 19, 2022
Cleveland All-Breed Training Club
210 Hayes Drive, Brooklyn Heights, OH

Cleveland All-Breed Training Club (CABTC) is once again offering
its popular ACT 1 & 2 AKC trials for beginning agility dogs and
their handlers. These agility course tests (ACT 1 & 2 Standard and
ACT 1 & 2 Jumpers) are a fun way to put your training to the test
in a real trial setting and, you can earn multiple titles in one day.
Mark your calendar, watch for more information,
and join the CABTC Facebook page for the latest updates.

Date:Location:Opens:Closes:Premium List:
07/27/2024CABTC06/07/202407/13/2024Premium List

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