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Scent Work 1

Scentwork 1:

PRE – REQS:  This class is for dogs that have not been started on scent.  Dogs must be a year or older, be able to work on leash and must be comfortable around other dogs. 


DESCRIPTION: This class is for new handlers and their dog that are new to Scent work.  The team will learn the basic building blocks: pairing treats with scents, odor behavior, alert behavior and a basic understanding of AKC scent trials.  If dog knows scent and has trained Scent work then this isn’t the appropriate class for that handler team.

EQUIPMENT:  Well fitted collar or harness (cannot be the no-pull harness),  NO prongs, head halters, choke chains or E-collars,  6 foot or longer leash, Beginning Scentwork kit (must include Birch) — can be ordered online

SPECIAL NOTES: Must have crate manners. leash manners and no aggressive tendencies towards other dogs or people.


Schedule Your Dog for Obedience Classes Today!

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