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Beginner Novice


PRE-REQS:              Attention I & II, Skills and Drills (2 sessions)

LOCATION:             Suite A – Ring 2 (Door 5)

 DESCRIPTION:       This class is an introduction to the AKC Beginner Novice optional titling class for both handlers and dogs. It is intended for handlers to continue training their dogs the skills they have learned in Attention I & II and Skills & Drills.  This class is a progression in training class for handlers (especially new to obedience) as they continue training towards Novice obedience. The skills being taught will be paired with exercises (some using Rally signs) need to perform in an actual AKC Beginner novice trial. 

Students will be working on:

   *Properly entering a ring & setting up for a successful performance

   *Heeling and Figure 8 on leash

   *Sit for exam on leash

   *Sit stay – handler walk around ring


Students will also learn the do’s and don’ts of properly executing each exercise and learn the Rules & Regulations associated with each exercise.

 EQUIPMENT:  Buckle, Martingale or Prong Collars.  No harnesses permitted.




No spot is vaialable for this class.


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