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Here’s how to join CABTC

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of Cleveland All-Breed Training Club, Inc. Following are the membership requirements in step form for your convenience. Be sure to follow them in order to avoid needless delays. We encourage and invite you to be an active member of CABTC by attending, participating and volunteering in club functions

  1. Before submitting an application, you must attend one General Membership meeting and one Board meeting, and volunteer at one or more club-sponsored activity. These must be within six (6) months prior to application. We also encourage you to take an available class at CABTC. Membership meetings are held at 6:30 pm on the 3rd Thursday of January, March, May, July, September and November.  Board meetings follow the membership meetings in those months, and are also held at 6:45 pm on the 3rd Thursday of February, April, June, August and October.
  2. See links below to download copies of the CABTC Constitution, Membership application and two (2) sponsorship forms or pick up an application envelope from the Membership Chair or Office Manager.
  3. Fill out both sides of the Membership Application completely. You will need to obtain the signatures of two current members in good standing who are willing to sponsor you. Each sponsor must fill out one of the Sponsorship forms.
  4. Return the following in the original envelope:
    1. Your completed Membership Application;
    2. Both of your completed Sponsorship forms; and
    3. A check payable to CABTC for the amount of your first year’s membership dues. Dues are Fifty Dollars ($50.00) for an individual membership or Sixty Dollars ($60.00) for a household membership. Applicants making application on or after October 1st shall not be required to pay dues for the succeeding year.
  5. Your completed application is to be given to the Membership Chair. This can be accomplished by either mailing it to the Club or dropping it off at the Club office. Your Membership Application will be read at the next Board of Directors’ meeting.  Your name will then be published in the next issue ofLoose Leads, allowing membership an opportunity to respond to your application. Your application will then be read at the next two Membership meetings.  After the readings, your application will be voted upon.

Click to Download: Membership Instructions

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