David Faller

David Faller

I have been instructing at CABTC for 10 years.  I am a Registered Architect and a Lake Erie Charter Captain.  I spend lots of time on the water with my Portuguese Water Dogs (PWDs).

I'm currently one of the Foundation Skills III instructors, I've been teaching this class for over 5 years. My co-instructor and I get great enjoyment watching our student dogs and handlers progress within the 7 weeks.

My past activities at CABTC have included being a Board Member and past Obedience Training Director.  I've been an instructor at all levels of Foundation Skills I, II, and III program.

I participate in multiple dog sporting activities including: Agility, Obedience, Rally and Water Trials with my PWDs.  My first PWD Marina UD, RE, NA, NAJ, WWD, SROM participated in National trials from Oregon to Rhode Island.  I am currently trialing with my newest additions: Fisher and Keel. 

Our trialing success is built on a foundation of skills acquired from classes at CABTC.  - David Faller