Class Rates for 2019

Non-Members Members 4H Members
$105. $90. $60.

Confirmation Drop-In $5/session

Conformation Drop-In $5/session

Working Hours:

7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Monday – Thursday


Cleveland All-Breed Training Club
210 Hayes Drive, Suite A
Brooklyn Hts., OH 44131




(216) 398-1118

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Beginning Scent Work

Students will cover the basics of scent training and the path to trialing in AKC scent work.  Class will cover: supplies and equipment needed, trial rules and scents used.

The emphasis of this class is to teach handler teams to navigate a simple container search. Other topics may be introduced.

Class dates: 10/29/19 — 12/3/19

Class time:  5:15 pm in Puppy Room

Class fee:   Non members — $105,  Members — $90

Class size:  LIMIT is 6 handler teams

Additional fee will be required for the Scent Work kit.  Students will be emailed prior to class start date with fee amounT


Schedule Your Dog for Obedience Classes Today!

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