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Agility Practice On Course [Drop In]

All agility level practice with 2-3 courses and/or sequences set up. Run one course, all the courses or pieces. Practicing specific obstacles or any other skill is fine also. You choose what to work on and instructor, Carolyn Lincoln will provide feedback and give recommendations. Expect to get 2-3 turns on the floor.

We start on time, keep things moving and the energy high, so you and your dog leave happy with improved skills.

Maximum of 6 dogs. This is a drop-in so you can come for one class or be a regular, but you must reserve a space.

$15/member, $18/non-member, Free for Key Members (but reservation is necessary)

Note: If your dog has aggressive issues or excessive barking issues (off course barking), an evaluation outside of class will be required first.
If you can manage the barking so it won’t be a problem, that will be acceptable but again, it must be discussed first. Dismissal due to these issues will not be refunded.


Schedule Your Dog for Obedience Classes Today!

Classes: Obedience Agility Confirmation Specialty
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