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Obedience: Rally Class II – Advanced and Excellent Signs

This class will focus on learning the Rally Advanced and Rally Excellent signs. Students will have good familiarity with all of the AKC Rally Novice Signs. This new class is NOT an Introduction to Rally class. Students must have attended at least some beginning dog training classes, ideally in Rally and or Obedience. Students may have already earned a Rally Novice (RN) or Beginner Novice (BN) title.

Dogs should have experience being in class with other dogs, walk well on a loose leash, respond to their handlers and overall display good manners. Eventually dogs will become comfortable working off leash as required in Advanced and Excellent Rally Trial classes.

Our instructors are Deborah F. and Betsy K. for Sessions I & II. Laura C. will be an instructor for Session III onward. Deborah is working on her Rally Championship with Tess, her Shetland Sheepdog. Thus far, Tess has earned a High Combined Score and a High Triple Combined Score. She has qualified twice for the AKC Rally National Championship. Deborah serves as Trial Secretary for our Stand Alone Rally trials. Betsy has been doing Rally since the AKC introduced it as a titling venue in 2005. She has earned 5 RAE titles on three different yellow labs and was the first CABTC member to earn a Rally Master title with Recon in March of 2018. Recon qualified 3 times for the AKC Rally National Competition and competed in Harrisburg in 2014. Recon also earned C-WAGS Rally Titles. Laura C. has been involved in Obedience and Rally with her Shetland Sheepdogs. She has also done Agility and Conformation. Right now she is hoping to complete a Rally Excellent Title with her Sheltie, Ginger.

All three instructors believe Rally can be a tremendous amount of fun and a wonderful way to build a strong partnership with your dog.
With the addition of this class, CABTC now offers a rally class at the Novice, Advanced/Excellent and Master level.


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