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New For Fall, 2018!!

What’s NEW and what’s available at CABTC agility
Are you looking for some new and exciting opportunities for you and your dog to enjoy in agility?  We have 2×2, Distance, Premier, Puppy Agility, Tricks and much more…  and we now have A/C, come in and be cool!!
Here’s what CABTC has to offer : (for more details on any class that catches your interest please see the agility classes on the website
PREMIER Opportunities:  Thursdays at 8pm Learn and practice the moves required for you to excel in the AKC Premier classes as well as other international type courses.  Start date September 13
2X2 weaves:  Mondays at 8pm Come learn weaves and be amazing!  Start date September 10.
DISTANCE 101:  Thursdays 8pm Learn a systematic approach to teaching both yourself and your dog confident distance!  Learn to excel in FAST and gamblers or get around the course faster!  Start date November 8
From TRAINING to TRIALING: Mondays 8pm Start date Oct 22  Join us for this series of three, 6-week classes that are designed to take you all the way from training to a successful first trial. Ideal for the Novice dog preparing to enter the ring, as well as a more seasoned dog encountering difficulties that may be limiting their success in the ring.
Interested? Check out full details at CABTC.ORG
Advanced Beginners:  Tuesdays 6:45 start date 9-11-18
This class will improve handling and build team confidence. We will run sequences on specific agility skills and apply these to a course when teams are ready. Dogs must be able to do all contacts at full height without issues but rudimentary weaves are acceptable.
ADVANCED INTERMEDIATE: Thursday 6:45 start date 9-13-18
For dogs at the Open level or new to Excellent. We will work to perfect
Obstacle performance, Handling techniques, Increase speed, and Improve your success rate in advanced competitions.
Trial Challenges: Wednesday 8pm , start date September 12
For dogs competing at the Excellent or Master level, analyze course sections recently encountered at local trials and determine the best handling options for each team. Teams will run the complete course at the conclusion of the class.  Taught by an AKC judge, learn the secret to more Q’s.  Only 2 spots open, need permission of training director to enter, if interested contact

 Do you have a new agility puppy??

 Performance Puppies and Beyond: Sundays 9:30 am (variable weeks)
Foundation work for puppies – recalls, crate games, shaping, body awareness, target, self control and playing and relationship with puppy. This class will continue until the puppies are competing in Novice Agility.  Open to those who have  successfully trained an agility dog into Excellent.  Start date 9-16-18

Are you interested in DAYTIME classes?  We have you covered!!

New Tricks and Games class!: Tuesdays 9:30 am Start date 9-11-18
Do you want to have fun with your dog?  Prepare to get a Trick Dog Title?  Teach your dog some motivational games for rally, obedience and agility?  Come join us!!
Advanced Beginner Agility: Fridays 9:30 am Start 9-14-18
This class will improve handling and build team confidence. We will run sequences on specific agility skills and apply these to a course when teams are ready. Dogs must be able to do all contacts at full height without issues but rudimentary weaves are acceptable. NOTE:New students must pass a pretest on August 31st, 2018 at 9 AM
PLEASE notify the CABTC office by August 28th if you intend to be at the August 31st test.
SHORT SEQUENCES: Tuesday 10am Start date 9-11
Short Sequences Class with challenges and a variety of handling moves such as obstacle approach, obstacle discrimination, speed, distance and more. Nov/Open/Ex levels Requirements:
Dog can do all equipment but if your dog struggles with a couple of the obstacles, your floor time can be used to work on what you need.

ADVANCED STRATEGY: Wednesdays 10am start 9-12-18

Run full courses with focus on improving running time. Instructor will focus on helping each team choose the most appropriate handling skills that will encourage success for that team. Handling skills will include front crosses, rear crosses, setting different angles, using distance etc.

AGILITY 101: Wednesdays 11:30 am begins 10-24-18

Will cover the agility foundation skills essential to successfully navigating an agility course.  This class is for beginner dogs and will focus on teaching both dog and handler safe and enthusiastic performance of all obstacles including jumps, contacts and weaves.  In addition, we will teach teams how to work together in unison and perfect handling skills such as the front cross and rear cross etc. Teams will start with the basics of flat work, targeting, shaping and come to side.  Our focus is to build teamwork and enjoyment thru games and fun drills as the dogs mature and grow.

To be eligible for this class dogs will be assessed on the first class for ability to sit, down and come on command under mild distractions.  We will be looking for a working relationship between dog and handler and a willingness of handlers to learn and train.   We want dogs to want to stay with their handler and engage with the handler even with other dogs moving around them.

It is our hope that dogs will stay in class through at least three (3) or four (4) six-week sessions with the goal of the dog/handler team achieving competence in handling and running an agility course.  While we would hope that our students go on to compete, our main goal is for both the dog and handler to find a fun activity and build a lifelong bond.

Dogs must be nine (9) months old or older, or have instructor permission.

How about weekends? There’s a class for that!

Agility Practice and Play: Come to 1 or more. Sundays 8am Start 9-9-18  (pre-registration only)   Do you want some Agility ring time at our newly AC cooled club? For Young dogs, Currently Competing dogs and your favorite K9 in their golden years any level are Welcome!  Want to try FAST, T2B, or Premier? Ask us.

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