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Beg Open/Beg Utility


What you will learn:
Prerequisite – Novice Classes and Introduction to taking and holding a dumbbell
Class will continue working off lead heeling skills, with attention.  Focusing on teaching the
open exercises by breaking them down into little steps. Exercises will include drop on recall,
retrieving a dumbbell on the flat and over high jump, the broad jump and signal discrimination.
In addition, introduction to utility exercises, how to start teaching by breaking them down into little steps.  Other exercises will include signals, moving stand, go outs and jumps.
Articles & gloves will be based on where each student is in their retrieving of a dumbbell.
This class is designed to help you achieve your obedience goals beyond Novice into Open and Utility.

Session Details:
Total Cost for Seven classes: $105.00
Length: 7 – 1 hour classes
Size: up to 10 dog and handler teams

Instructors: Diane B, and Kay W
Classes StartMonday 6/14/2021 @ 8:00 PM
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Schedule Your Dog for Obedience Classes Today!

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