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Agility Foundations for Young Dogs

This class will focus on performance skills as well as the bond and relationship between you and your puppy. Our goal is for your puppy to Want to work with you anytime and anywhere!

You will learn how to best teach your puppy new skills using positive-based reinforcement and a variety of methods including clicker-training.

Attention, focus and interactive play all build the relationship and keep our pups wanting more!

Obstacles like a Bosu ball, wobble board and skateboards will keep it fun, interesting and challenging, while building strength, flexibility, confidence and body awareness.
Using your new skills, we will challenge you to teach your puppy tricks too!

Carolyn Lincoln, DVM has been practicing veterinary medicine since 1990 and owns Play To Behave Veterinary Behavior Counseling. Carolyn has had some experience in herding and also competed in agility for 10 years with three dogs. Pepper, her Australian Shepherd, has her MACH ( Master Agility Champion) and has competed in the AKC Agility Nationals.
The focus of the class will be on key foundation skills jumping, sequencing (handling) and contacts.

Some of the skills that will be covered are early commitment to obstacle, the ability to transition from obstacle to handler focus, understanding how to respond to handling cues, proper jumping form (Susan Salo jump grids will be used), and skills related to performing contact equipment.

In addition some work on focus, drive, ability to work in distractions, stays and recalls will be covered as needed. You will have some time on the floor each week, but will be expected to work on the skills at home in order to progress.

This class is for dogs 10 months or older who are training for the agility ring. Dogs must have a reasonable stay, recall, and some work at side (both right and left). There are 6 working spots. Auditors are welcome, but must be respectful and not take up student time.

All dogs must be on a nylon/leather collar and 5-6 foot leash. No prong/choke chains allowed. Handler must bring toys, a variety of soft treats, at least one light colored treat, and a notebook.


Schedule Your Dog for Obedience Classes Today!

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