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Specialty Classes: Agility Run Thru’s


Starting This Fall, 2017

Tune Up or Test that New Star!!

Does the thought of waiting all day for a 90 second run make you hesitant to go to an agility run thru?  Are you looking for atmosphere to train your new agility dog or work on issues with your experienced dogs? Well, CABTC is making that available to you!!

CABTC building will be available in pre-reserved 15 minute increments @ $20.00 each + 5 minute set up at no additional charge.  You can use this time alone or get a small group of friends and purchase a block of time to share.

Available runs will start at 9:30 am and the last booking will be at 2:00 pm.

ALL spots must be reserved in advance and your request will be confirmed prior to the date of the run thru.  It is on a first come-first accepted basis! 

Booking Requests must be sent by the Wednesday prior to the event – Send to:

Michelle Kosan

CABTC Agility Run Thru Coordinator


Phone: 216-524-0458

This is our effort to increase the opportunity for teams to benefit from the use of our facility.  We are asking that you be respectful and advise if you must cancel prior to your confirmed date.

Note: Outside Instructors are welcome to support their students but cannot reserve time to train and charge their students.


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