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Utility-B 5:30 PM

PRE-REQS:                  OPEN or Instructor Approval ROOM:            &n... Read more

Rally Class I – Novice Signs

PRE-REQS:  Puppy I, FS I - III, Attention I- II and Pre-Novice or Instructor Approval LOCATION: Suite A -- Ring 2 (Door E) DESCRIPTION: Rally I is the first class in the CABTC series of Rally Classes. This class... Read more

Attention I

PRE-REQS:               Foundation Skills I, II and III or Instructor Approval ROOM:                      Puppy Room (Door D) DESCRIPTION:       An important part of training an... Read more

Rally Class III – Master Signs

LOCATION: Suite A -- Ring 2 (Door E) DESCRIPTION:  Rally III is the 3rd in the CABTC series of Rally Classes.  This class will focus on learning the Rally Master signs.  Students will have to be famili... Read more

Advanced Novice/Open

The focus of this class will be to sharpen and polish Novice exercises: heeling (including the Figure 8), halts, recalls, fronts, finishes, stand for exam and stays. The class will offer various exercises to get and keep... Read more

Puppy I

For puppies 8 weeks and under 5 months old, this 7-week class exposes puppies to new and enjoyable experiences and introduces sit, down, controlled walking, stay, come and play retrieving, as well as interaction with the... Read more


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