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What is the next step after CGC?  There are two additional tests for the handler team:  CGCA and CGCU.  CGCA (AKC Community Canine) is a program about ensuring that you have a well-behaved dog while you are out and ab... Read more

Foundation Skills II – AM Class

This class is a continuation of Foundation Skills I. We will be working on more loose leash walking, longer stays, down, recalls, walking around crowds. meet and greet other dogs and people,. We will be work on separatio... Read more

Foundation Skills I – AM Class

Also known as The Well-Mannered Pet, Foundation Skills I is for puppies and dogs 5 months and older, and is our entry-level class and a pre-requisite for all classes other than Puppy I and II. It introduces you and your ... Read more

Obedience Skills

This is an on-going class, and we have openings now!! * Class focuses on the exercises and skills needed for all levels of obedience competition such as heeling, recalls, pivots, stays, fronts, and finishes. Other ex... Read more

Summer Obedience

This is a more advanced Obedience class, you must taken classes thru Attention The class will be working on Pre-Novice, Novice and open exercises. Attention, heeling, fronts, finishes, motivation things, dumbbells, j... Read more

Beginning Obedience

This obedience class is for inexperienced dogs. This will be a ongoing class with a 7 week schedule. We will be working on all 4 levels of obedience. Need puppy 1 or Foundation Skills 1 to join this class. Limi... Read more


This class is the next step after Attention. In this class you will continue working on: Attention, getting into the ring Heeling skills You will learn the importance of: Heeling skills such as foot work ... Read more

Utility – 5:30

This class covers the formal exercises for AKC competition for dogs competing in or getting ready to compete in Utility Obedience at trials. ... Read more

Utility-A 4:15PM

This class will focus on learning utility exercises, how to start teaching them, AKC Rules and how the exercises are judged. The utility class will be taught on an individual basis, meaning exercises will be taught slowl... Read more

Ring Ready

Ring Ready - is being offered for 4 weeks - 7/2, 7/9, 7/16 & 7/30 Time: 11:00 AM This is a combination of our Advanced Novice and Open Obedience Classes, now being called "Ring Ready" Class Fee: Non-Member $60 Me... Read more


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