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7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Monday – Thursday


Cleveland All-Breed Training Club
210 Hayes Drive, Suite A
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Agility Practice On Course

Click Here to Register This class is currently not open to new students! Note: This is no longer a drop in class.  It will run in 6 week increments and you must register and pay on line.  Click the Registration but... Read more

Beginning Distance Skills

This four week class will concentrate on skill exercises to BEGIN or IMPROVE agility distance work. Full courses will NOT be included. The class is designed for dogs that can work on ALL obstacles (including 12 weave po... Read more

Obstacle/Handler Focus

The emphasis of this course is to help both handler and dog to transition from handler focus to obstacle focus. Short sequences will be used to improve your ability to send your dog to a series of obstacles as well as ge... Read more

Start and Stop!

Start and Stop Four week Class: Not currently offerd, check back in Fall 2017 This class is open to any dog over 6 months old who can work with other dogs on the floor. The focus of this class will be start lines, stopp... Read more

Jump, Jump, Jump!

This class is open to any dog a year or older who can work on the floor with other dogs and have some jumping experience. It is an excellent class for dogs just started with jumping or dogs who struggle with dropping ba... Read more

Get Ready, you’re going to enter a trial!

This class is open to dogs ready/almost ready to enter their first trial or dogs who have just started trialing, but are struggling when in the ring. This class will focus on all aspects of trailing including strategies ... Read more

From Training to Trialing

From Training to Trialing: This class series focuses on all aspects of trailing including entering a trial, knowing how to walk a course, understanding what the judge expects, as well as strategies for navigating the sh... Read more


This class is open to any dog over 6 months old who can work with other dogs on the floor. Dogs who lack motivation/drive, dogs who slow down in the ring and dogs who have speed but lack focus will benefit from this clas... Read more

Building Blocks for the Agility Ring

This series of classes is not currently scheduled. Check back for possible Spring 2018 scheduling. This agility class will focus on being prepared to perform successfully in the agility ring. We will cover all aspect... Read more

Agility Foundations for Young Dogs

This class will focus on performance skills as well as the bond and relationship between you and your puppy. Our goal is for your puppy to Want to work with you anytime and anywhere! You will learn how to best teach y... Read more


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