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Beginners Agility


PRE-REQS: This class is closed to new students, only currently enrolled students in this class can register.

ROOM: Suite B

DESCRIPTION: The class will cover introduction to weaves, contact obstacles, jumping and common jump configurations. We will introduce handling crosses and improve focus using control games and exercises.

  • Dogs must be non-aggressive
  • Under basic, off-leash control
  • Preference will by given to dogs completing CABTC’s pre-agility class
  • Dogs not advancing from CABTC’s pre-agility will need to be tested

EQUIPMENT: Buckle collar and leash and lots of high quality treats. (No chain or prong collars)

SPECIAL NOTES: If you have interest in this class and you are not a current student of this class contact The agility training director at


Schedule Your Dog for Obedience Classes Today!

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