Class Rates for 2019

Non-Members Members 4H Members
$105. $90. $60.

Confirmation Drop-In $5/session

Conformation Drop-In $5/session

Working Hours:

7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Monday – Thursday


Cleveland All-Breed Training Club
210 Hayes Drive, Suite A
Brooklyn Hts., OH 44131




(216) 398-1118

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Agility Floor Plans: 2020

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Month-Day-Year:Date:Click Below to View Map:
January 01, 20202020/01/01Click Here to Download
January 06, 20202020/06/01Click Here to Download
February 03, 20202020/03/02Click Here to Download
February 10, 20202020/10/02Click Here to Download
February 24, 20202020/24/02Click Here to Download
June 15, 20202020/15/06Click Here to Download
July 27, 20202020/27/07Click Here to Download
August 3, 20202020/03/08Click Here to Download
August 17, 20202020/17/08Click Here to Download
August 23, 20202020/23/08Click Here to Download
August 31, 20202020/31/08Click Here to Download
September 14, 20202020/14/09Click Here to Download

Schedule Your Dog for Obedience Classes Today!

Classes: Obedience Agility Confirmation Specialty
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