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Listed here are all upcoming seminars, lectures, and other activities related to training, competing with and caring for dogs.

Petra Ford: Awesome Obedience for Dog and Handler


Proudly presents

Petra Ford


May 19 & 20, 2018

Co-owner of Aqua Dog Rehabilitation, with Kristine Conway, D.V.M.

Written articles for Clean Run,
Whole Dog Journal,
And Front and Finish magazines.

How to get the same performance in the ring that you have in training

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Event Details

Start Date 05/19/2018
End Date 05/20/2018
Start Time 09:00 AM
End Time 05:00 PM
Event Location 210 Hayes Drive, Brooklyn Hts., OH 44131
Registration Opens 11/01/2017
Registration Closes 05/09/2018
Registration Time
Secretary Name Judy Askew
Secretary Email
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Agility Seminar: Karen Holick

Cleveland all Breed is excited to announce an agility seminar with Karen Holick on March 24 & 25, 2018.

 Stay tuned for details!

 Karen is an:

  • Eight-time AKC/USA World Team Member
  • Gold Medalist at the World Agility Open (England)
  • A four-time National Champion at the United States Dog Agility World Championships
  • A Silver Medalist at the prestigious FCI World Agility Championships (Austria).

She has also been a Finalist at National Events here in the United States with each of her dogs (past and present) over the past 20 years.

She teaches private/group lessons and classes in Brandon, Florida and has also traveled the United States, Puerto Rico, Bermuda, Mexico and Costa Rica, giving seminars.


Karen began participating in dog agility in 1992 when she started training her Chow/Sheltie mix, Simon.  She loves training dogs of all motivation levels.  Her success with many breeds demonstrates her effectiveness.  She believes that all dogs can be taught to run to their full potential and agility should be a team sport and fun for the dog at all times.  She believes the most important aspects of agility training are teaching the fundamentals and being consistent with your handling at all times.



Event Details

Start Date 05/24/2018
End Date 05/25/2018
Start Time 07:00 AM
End Time 05:00 PM
Event Location Cleveland All-Breed Training Club, 210 Hayes Dr. Brooklyn Hts., OH, 44131
Registration Opens
Registration Closes
Registration Time
Secretary Name
Secretary Email

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