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Rally Run-Thru’s

2018-19 Rally Run-Thru Information!!

Hello, my name is Deborah Foster-Koch.

I am so honored and just plain thrilled to be organizing the Rally run-thrus for the upcoming “school year” at CABTC!!

Run-thru’s will be held on Sunday mornings, and a list of the dates will be available soon.  I am going to try to schedule the run-thru’s for the Sunday morning before Rally trials that CABTC members may be entering.

The first Rally run-through of the new “school year” will be Sunday, August 26th from 10 a.m. to 12:0 noon as the Friendship Cluster is Rayland, Ohio is scheduled from Friday, August 31st to Monday, September 3rd.
Master will go first, then ExcellentAdvancedIntermediate, and Novice.  Once a course is torn down to make way for the next lower level, it will not be set up again.

I am planning to set up both rings so that there are opportunities for handlers to test their sign recognition skills while waiting for their run-through class.  (Do you really know how many “sits” you have to do for that sign?)

Please email me with any questions, comments, suggestions, etc.
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