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Diane Brzezinski & Valor

At the end of July, Valor & I went back into the breed ring to finish up his Grand Bronze CH, he only needed 25 points more for the required 100 points. 7/28/17 Dan Emmett KC BOB/OHBOB 3 GC pts 7/30/17 Marion OH KC BOB/OHBOB OH GRP 2 5 GC pts 8/3/17 Fort Steuben KC BOB 4 GC pts 8/4/17 Columbiana Cty KC SEL DOG 4 GC pts 8/6/17 Mahoning-Shenango KC BOB 5 GC pts On Saturday, August 12, 2017, at the Lorain County Kennel Club show Valor, GCHB CH Coyote Run Valedictorian, CDX, PCDX, BN, GN, RE, TD, TDU, CA, went BOB for the last 4 GC pts needed to earn his Grand Bronze CH. And to make the day even sweeter, Valor went on to earn a Herding Group 4 under breeder Judge Peri Norman. Valor & I would like to thank fellow CABTC member Sara McAtee who so expertly handled him for me that day.


Cheryl S..Chani GCH

Chani finished her Grand Champion title on 11/21/2015 at the Agathon KC show! GCH UKC CH Kaskade Dunade Rushin Berry Moonglow PT OAJ OA RA HSAsMd HSBd HIAdsBd HXAMdBd CH+VCX BOB


Dale Piszczek and Claire

At Fulton County Kennel Club's October 3 & 4th 2015 shows, our Claire, Delamer Claire and Calm Seas, CGC, took WB both days for her third and fourth points.


Chuck Pilny and Louie

At the Northeast Ohio English Cocker Spaniel Fanciers trial on October 11, 2015, Louie finished his MXJ under judge Cynthia Tilly. Never thought we'd get this far, or worry about double Q's or MACH points! We may get that MACH one day after all :)


Rosemary Janock & Finn

One year old Finn passed his TD test on his first attempt at the CVGRC tracking test at Charlemont Reservation!


Karen Groth, Sheena and Yuengling

Sheena and Yuengling had a wonderful day at our National Shiba Club of America Regional Specialty in Edinboro PA on September 20th. Our senior girl Sheena showed the young boy how it's done with 3 first places! Our boy Yuengling was a lot of fun with a nice 1st Place in Open Fast and a few "oh so close" moments in his other runs. What a great day to watch what our breed is capable of and cheer on our Shiba (and non Shiba) friends and competitors!


Karen Groth and Team Shiba!

Sheena our wonderful little Shiba Inu earned her MACH3 at our National Shiba Club of America Regional CE Specialty on Friday, September 21, 2012 in Edinboro, PA. She is only the second Shiba to ever achieve this AKC honor! During the same event, our young man Yuengling earned his Novice FAST title. It was a great weekend for Team Shiba's!



Ursula Lehman and her Beagle, Blade, returned from the 2011 Agility Nationals with a 6th place for the 18" group and a 9th from State competition; overall he ended up 39th in the 16" class. Not bad for a 9-year old boy!


Ch Crownroyal LaTea Da O'Sademont, OA, OAJ won the brood bitch class at a big Springer specialty in Atlanta. She was judged not only on her own merit but also on the merit of her offspring. Representing her were Bron and Norah. I am proud to be the breeder of such wonderful dogs. She came back to Cleveland the next weekend to finish her Open agility title with a first place.


Carol Curriers Angel

MACH 9 Thornedge Angel In Disguise (Angel) finished the 2012 AKC Agility year as the #3 ranked Sheltie. Posted 2/4/13



Take 3 double Qs in 3 days to finish MACH 3 and add a 1st place finish in the 16 inch division of the International class and you have a recipe for a great weekend at the IX! Congrats, Villain.

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